Walkin Wheelchair Leash

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The Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash attaches easily to S-XL Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs to help control and guide your dog. It may also be used to walk two dogs at the same time (without wheelchairs).

- 120cm long leash
- Additional 30-50cm of adjustability on dual leash attachment
- Constructed of high-density 1” nylon webbing
- Fluorescent orange with double-sided reflective silver stitching for safety
- Padded mesh-lined handle for comfort, even when your dog pulls
- Attaches to two silver Eye Pads on rear of Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
- Additional uses: a tangle-free way to walk two dogs at once and removable dual leash attachment converts to standard style.

Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Wheelchair accessories
Size: Regular