Replacement Foam Wheels (Set of 2) for Walkin Pets - Walkin Wheels Wheelchair

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Designed for the Rear Walkin’® Wheels Wheelchair, the foam wheels are great for all terrains. They feature a dense foam interior with an outer rubber layer. These wheels will not puncture, they wear extremely well, and are easy to clean.

Set of 2 – Wheels Only

Replacement wheels available:
4 inch
8 inch
12 inch
16 inch

Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Wheelchair parts
Size: TIRE 4" FOAM 125B - PAIR, TIRE, 8" FOAM 192A - 8" - PAIR, TIRE, 12" FOAM 12AD-EVA - PAIR, TIRE, 16" FOAM 16B-EVA - PAIR