Walkin’® Wheels Mini Wheelchair

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The Walkin’ Wheels Mini dog wheelchair gives your dog the support they need to live the happy, healthy life they deserve. The rear mini wheelchair features a lightweight frame and easy for even the tiniest pup to manoeuvre. Built specifically for teacup, mini, and toy pets, the mini rear dog wheelchair supports pets who struggle to walk due to arthritis, have weak back legs from an injury, or paralysed pets recovering from IVDD or a neurological condition. The mini wheelchair promotes mobility and helps pets to get the exercise they need!



- For Pets Weighing 0.9-5kg
- Fits toy dog breeds and other small animals (e.g., cats, rabbits, puppies, piglets) weighing up to 5kg (weight determines correct wheelchair frame size).
- Fully adjustable in height, length, and width; folds flat.
- All wheelchair parts are washable.
- Wheelchair Frame made of durable, lightweight extruded aluminium; urethane wheels.
- Fits toy dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Toy Manchester Terrier, Maltese, Brussels Griffon, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Toy Fox Terrier, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, and more.



How to Choose the Right Size

  1. Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is laying down. Do not pull the leg tight; leave some natural bend.
  2. Measure your pet’s length or armpit to rump (ATR).
measure small dog wheelchair


Rear Leg Height Pet Length (ATR) Size
8.9 - 15.3cm 14 - 20.3cm Mini-B1
17.8 - 25.4cm 15.2 - 25.4cm Mini-B2
5 - 25.4cm 20.3 - 30.5cm Mini-B4 Dachshund
Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Mini
Size: 0.9 - 5kg (B1) with 2" Rubber Wheels, 0.9-5kg (B2) with 4" Rubber Wheels, 0.9-5kg (B4) Mini Dachshund with 4" Rubber Wheels