Walkin’® Fit Adjustable Splint

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The Walkin’ Fit® Adjustable Splint for pets helps to brace and rehabilitate injuries to the lower rear and/or front legs. With its patented adjustable fit and unique design, the Walkin’ Fit® Splint provides complete lower leg stability with customizable fit and support, allowing for multi-patient use. Splint helps stabilize joints for arthritis or injuries and helps promote healing during physical therapy and recovery.



- Constructed of a lightweight, rigid plastic exterior, soft interior foam padding, non-skid pad on bottom, and adjustable touch-fastener closures.
- Adjustable in width and angle to accommodate a variety of leg shapes and bandaging on foot or limb. Convenient for daily wound therapy.
- Provides complete lower leg support, fully stabilizing the paw and hock or carpal joint to keep pet’s front or rear leg comfortable and in a normal walking position.
- Splint allows weight-bearing on an injured or weak limb.

During nighttime hours, we recommend using the Walkin’ Hock Hugger for the rear leg or Walkin’ Wrist Hugger for the front leg to continue to offer light support while not wearing the splint.

May benefit pets with the following conditions:

Adjustable Splint Front and Rear

Rear Leg Conditions:
- Soft Tissue injuries to Tarsal or Metatarsal Tendons/Ligaments
- Achilles Tendon Injury
- Tarsal or Metatarsal joint instabilities or malformations
- Post-Surgical protection
- Neurological conditions causing knuckling
- Wound management aide

Front Leg Conditions:
- Soft Tissue injuries to Carpal or Metacarpal tendons/ligaments
- Hyperextension injuries
- Carpal or Metacarpal joint instabilities or malformations
- Brachial Plexus or Radial Nerve damage injuries
- Neurological conditions causing knuckling of paw
- Post-surgical protection
- Wound management aide

How to Choose the Right Size

The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint has the ability to adjust in angle and width and needs to be fit by a Veterinary Professional. Adjustable Splints are designed to support the lower part of the rear OR front leg. They will not stabilize the knee on the rear leg or the elbow on the front leg. Please check with your veterinarian before using a splint on your dog, cat, or other pet.

For Use on the Front Leg

A: Measure from end of longest toenail to midpoint between carpal joint (wrist) and elbow.
B: Measure from the end of longest toenail to centre of carpal joint (wrist).
C: To measure paw width, rest dog’s paw on a piece of paper, and mark either side of the widest part. Measure between these two points.

For Use on the Rear Leg

A: Measure from end of longest toenail to midpoint between hock joint (ankle) and knee.
B: Measure from the end of longest toenail to centre of hock joint (ankle).
A: B: C: Size
12.2cm 2.5 - 3.5cm XSmall
22.9cm 15.8cm 3.2 - 4.5cm Small
26.7cm 18.4cm
3.8 - 5.1cm Medium
31.7cm 22.2cm 4.4 - 6.3cm Large
36.2cm 25.4cm
5.7 - 8.3cm XLarge


Professional’s Guide to the Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint

The Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint is designed to provide a comfortable, custom fit while providing stability and support to the Tarsal or Carpal joints. Custom-made splints can be expensive and take weeks to be made. Our adjustable splint may be used on the front or rear legs. Our splint will allow you to fit patients on the spot. This splint’s width and angle can be adjusted as you progress through a treatment plan to maintain a proper fit for the patient. Allowing enough width to account for swelling or bandages while providing joint stabilisation.

Advantages of an Adjustable Splint over a normal splint in a clinical setting:

  • May be used on Tarsal or Carpal joints
  • Patient specific anatomic considerations – “posty” or “low” conformation
  • Can re-establish ROM slowly
  • Useful for Tibiotarsal instability/Collateral ligament injuries – Either medically managed or in recovery/early mobilisation phase postoperatively
  • CCT mechanism injury assistance
  • Adjustable width accommodates bandaged limbs
Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Splint
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL