Walkin’® Front Splint

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The Walkin’ Front Splint for dogs and cats assists with rehabilitating injuries to the lower front limbs that need to be splinted or braced in the normal walking position. Modeled after human splints, the Front Splint provides stability and support for the lower front legs of your pet (carpal and paw).

- Constructed of a lightweight, rigid plastic exterior, soft interior foam padding, non-skid pad on bottom, and touch-fastener closures.
- Front Splint mimics the contour of a pet’s lower leg, extending above carpal and completely under the foot to provide full support.
- This sturdy and supportive design allows weight to be put on the injured or weak limb.
- An easy and convenient way to protect daily bandaging and wound care.


During night time hours we recommend using the Walkin’ Wrist Hugger to continue to offer light support when not wearing the splint.
To get more of a custom fit add Walkin’ Custom-fit Foam sold separately.


May benefit pets with the following conditions:

  • Soft tissue injuries to carpal or metacarpal tendons, ligaments, or nerves
  • Carpal or metacarpal joint instabilities or malformations
  • Neurological conditions causing knuckling of paw
  • Post-surgical protection.

Front Splint Conditions

How to Choose the Right Size

Please keep in mind that the Walkin’ Front Splints are designed to support the lower part of the legs. They will not stabilize the elbow on the front leg. Please check with your local veterinarian before using the splint on your dog, cat or other pet.

Adjustable Splint Front Sizing GraphF
Paw Splint Sizing

A: Measure from end of longest toenail to midpoint between carpal pad and elbow.
B: Measure from end of longest toenail to just above carpal pad.
C: To measure paw width, rest dog’s paw on a piece of paper, and mark either side of the widest part. Measure between these two points.

A: B: C: Size
1.9 - 2.8cm XXSmall
3.1 - 4.4cm XSmall
21.8cm 12.7cm
4.4 - 5.4cm Small
5.1 - 5.7cm Medium
5.7 - 6.35cm Large
6.35 - 7cm XLarge

Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Splint
Size: XXS, S, M, L