Help 'Em Up Front and Rear Conventional Shape Harness (unisex)

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The Help ‘Em Up Harness is a unique full-body lifting device that assists owners with their dog's mobility for various conditions including: arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle loss, spinal conditions or when surgical repair impairs a pet’s mobility and physical strength for everyday functions. The harness can be used from getting up off the floor, toileting, up and down the stairs, or in and out of cars etc.

The conventional harness will fit all female dogs, and 80% of male dogs. Male dogs that need a bit more room for toileting can use the U harness kit instead which you will find in our store inventory.

Veterinarians, neurologists, and nurses use the harness for dogs rehabilitating after surgery or recovering from injuries. By placing a handle over the hips and the shoulders, the Help ‘Em Up harness safely lifts from underneath the torso, allowing you to help your dog get up and overcome the daily obstacles of aging and getting around.

This harness will also help you lift without stress by using the built-in handles, as the Help ‘Em Up harness is designed to distribute weight over the large support surfaces of the chest and hind quarters. Veterinarians, surgeons, nurses, and rehab therapists find our product to be a useful aid in helping their patients be lifted more comfortably post-surgery and rehabilitated more easily.


Sizing chart:

Weight Neck Chest Waist
XS 4.5-11.5kg 20-58.5cm 24.5-68.5cm 24.5-56cm
S 11.5-20.5kg 24.5-66cm 24.5-96.5cm 35.5-76.2cm
M 20.5-36kg 30.5-81cm 40.5-112cm 51-109cm
L 36-56.5kg 40.5-91.5cm 51-162.5cm 56-119cm
XL 56.5-100kg 45-96.5cm 76-175cm 66-142cm



How to measure:

Using a fabric measuring tape, the tape should be snug to get an accurate measurement.


This is the deepest part of your dogs’ chest (measure all the way around the rib cage).


This measurement is all the way around your dogs’ hips, specifically right in front of its hind legs.


Although the girth and waist are the most important measurements, the neck measurement is also helpful. 

Assembly and adjustments:

Right out of the bag the Help 'Em Up harnesses come fully assembled, meaning the the front and rear Hip Lift are connected. Please note how it is assembled before taking it apart. It has 11 separate adjustments and 9 separate connector clips. Try it on your pup first as it is and then make adjustments. Please refer to the fitting demonstration video above for more help.

Vendor: Canine Mobility
Size: Extra Small XS, Small S, Medium M, Large L, Extra Large XL