Walkin’® Up-n-Go Leash

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The Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash helps you give your dog a lift on the end that needs it most! A simple and easy solution to help support pets dealing with hind end weakness, loss of balance, or healing from injury or surgery. Getting your pet up for a quick bathroom break, up the stairs, or into a vehicle has never been easier.

Available in 2 sizes: Mini for pets 2.5kg to 9kg and Regular for pets weighing over 9kg.

- For Aging, Injured, Disabled Pets
- Quick, Easy Hind End Support: help your dog stand up from a lying-down position.
- Help Pets Maintain Balance: Steady pets who are unstable on their back legs.
- Easy way to assist aging, disabled, or injured dogs walk up/downstairs.
- Simple to use, just slide leg rings around your pet’s legs and go!
- Adjustable leg pads and leash handle length.
- Neoprene wraps for extra comfort around your dog’s legs and groin.


Assembly & Usage Instructions

How to Choose the Right Size

Weight Range Leash Width Color
Up-n-Go Mini 2.5 - 9kg ½” Red
Up-n-Go 9kg and over 1″ Blue
Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Rear lift lead
Size: 2.5-10kg, Red, 10kg and Up, Royal Blue