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The Veterinary Support Sling is a simple and practical mobility solution to lift patients during post-operative recovery and rehabilitation safely. The veterinary sling fits any size patient and can be used to support pets of various weight ranges with greater control than a towel. Offer patients additional support and stability when they are too weak to stand or walk alone.

- Adjustable handles to accommodate a range of dogs comfortably.
- Lined in soft sherpa fleece for comfort, with a sturdy nylon exterior.
- Ergonomic design to support a dog without straining the handler’s back.

Clinical Advantages:
- One simple mobility aide to support any patient, an excellent alternative to the towel.
- Safely support and control patients after surgery & post-op recovery.
- Assist senior patients that require balance and mobility assistance.
- Ideal to assist a patient into the car, outside to pee, or help a dog negotiate the stairs.

Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Sling
Size: Regular