Walkin’® Hip-EEZ Bridge Attachment

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he Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® Bridge attachment is designed to be added to the inner panel of the Hip-EEZ® full support system to help treat hip subluxation in pets. Made of medical grade foam, the Hip-EEZ® Bridge is designed to sit directly over the Femoral Head which is part of the hip joint (Coxo-femoral joint).

- Provides cushion and compression to the Femoral Head
- Helps pets suffering from mild to moderate Hip Sub-Luxation injuries
- Touch fastener attaches to inside panels of Hip-EEZ® System

How to Choose the Right Size

The Hip-EEZ® Bridge is available in three sizes. Bridge attachment sizes correlate with the Hip-EEZ® Full Support system you ordered. Please reference our sizing guide below to select the size for your pet. 

For example, if your pet wears a size Medium Hip-EEZ® Full Support system, then you will need a size Medium Hip-EEZ® Bridge.

Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® Size Hip-EEZ® Bridge Size Needed
Small Small
Medium Medium
Medium/Large Medium
Large Large/XLarge
XLarge Large/XLarge


Product Instructions

  1. Make sure your Hip-EEZ® hip support system is placed on your pet.
  2. Gently undo Velcro at top of leg panel on the side you’re planning on using the Hip-EEZ® Bridge. With the touch fastener facing out, line up the Hip-EEZ® Bridge directly over top the bony part of the hip. Making sure the bony part (Femoral Head) is resting in the open space of bridge. The bridge should be over top and on either side of the Femoral head. Hold bridge in place with one hand while pulling the leg panel taught and reattaching to rest of Hip-EEZ® support system. Then remove hand from bridge and gently press on outside of the leg panel all around bridge to finish securing touch fastener.
  3. At this point your Hip Bridge should be in place over the joint and your leg, panels secured. If you need to reposition the bridge, take your time and get it set correctly. We recommend you check it often if while your pet is active or gets up from lying down on that side. The goal is to allow your pet to move around with the bridge staying in place to offer support and compression.

Removing the Hip-EEZ® Bridge
Simply detach the Hip-EEZ® Bridge from leg panel once whole system is removed from pet.

Vendor: Walkin Pets
Type: Hip support
Size: S, M, L/XL