Rocktape Canine/equine

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Rocktape Canine/equine 5m x 10cm Black

Sports kinesiology tape suitable for short haired breeds of dog or horses.

RockTape provides support or stability without restricting the range of motion. Unlike traditional rigid tape which utilises compression and immobilization in treatment, RockTape activates the nervous and circulatory systems to initiate healing and is used to assist in the treatment of injured muscles.

RockTape is applied along the length of the injured muscle and as the elastic tape recoils it lifts the skin from the tissue below. This has an effect of:
* reducing the sensation of pain
* promoting circulation assisting in the reduction of any swelling or bruising and enhancing the blood flow to the injured muscle.
* Biomechanical dysfunction

RockTape can also improve the proprioceptive feedback to the area which assists in the retraining of the muscles that maintain the correct posture.

Vendor: RockTape
Type: Sports tape
Size: 5m x 10cm Black, 5m x 10cm Purple, 5m x 5cm Black, 5m x 5cm Blue, 5m x 5cm Purple